Earth Day

Earth Day Poem

by Hillol Ray

We are all puppets to cheer on this Earth,
While joy and sorrow always come since our birth !
Daylights follow dusk towards the gloomy nights,
And bring us such a joy to renew our sights !
Fresh air and clean water nourish our souls,
Without them, we suffer, and pay the heavy tolls !

To put a stop to these tolls, EPA was formed -
Over two decades ago, and brains were stormed !
For protection of nature, EPA took the vow -
To offer simple tips, let me tell 'em now !
Banning pesticides and lead in gasoline -
Made the giant move to make the nature clean !
Recycling became a daily household chore -
To reduce costs and protect the seashore !
Reduction of emissions created the flow -
Of cleaner air, and polluters took a blow !
Dumping of sewage into lakes and streams -
Was banned to prevent leery public screams !
Pollution of water became a salient issue -
To protect human health and aquatic tissue !

The situation has changed over twenty-five years,
And laws are in place to remove our fears !
Now an annual event hangs around us -
To recognize Earth Day without any fuss!
So let's all sing Save the Earth songs,
And do things right to hear loud gongs !

Now, always think "Earth Is In Your Hands",
Here at home or in foreign lands !
So let us follow these few simple roles,
To avoid the agonies of all future souls !
Conserve the water as much as you can,
While you are bathing or washing the van !
Recycle and prevent pollution at the source,
While care should be motive and the hidden force !
Plant the trees in open private space,
To create the shade and cool your face !
Try the carpool with a friend, or share a ride -
To control the air and emission ebb tide !

Dispose off pesticides in a real safe manner,
And label before you bury 'em under a banner !
Organize all efforts to discard the waste,
EPA may be called to quench any quest !
Invite friends to attend the Earth Day Acts,
And define each role to convey all facts !
Reward the guys for a job well done -
To share the benefits and all the fun !

Well, now you really know what you have to do -
And celebrate "Earth Day" without further woo !!!